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Lonely socks have never looked so awesome

If there's one question that may never be answered by humanity, it's this: Why do socks disappear in the wash?

We at Bright Side can't answer this question any better than you, but we at least know what to do with those lonely socks that get left behind. Here are some ideas we'd like to share with you.

A holder for your smartphone

A sock with a strong piece of elastic can be turned into an excellent armband holder for your smartphone that you can use when you're working out. The details can be found here.

A cozy sweater for your coffee cup

This one's indispensible for anyone who loves to walk or exercise with a hot drink. With this cozy and cute little sweater you won't burn your fingers ever again. See this master class to find out how to make your own.

A cover for your thermos

This cover not only looks beautiful and original, but it will also prevent condensation building up on the surface of your thermos. Making one of your own is very straightforward.

Bunny pincushions

These little bunnies not only look super cute, but they work brilliantly as pincushions. You can make your own and many more like them using the instructions found here.

A great present for a newborn baby

You can find out how to make this cute little bouquet (great for when you or someone you know is celebrating the birth of a child) right here.

A cute bunny soft toy

Find out how to make this beautiful and original toy for a child (or maybe yourself!) here.

Gorgeous fingerless gloves

Fall is not far off, and now's the time to start thinking about your autumn wardrobe. These fingerless gloves combine style and coziness perfectly. Find out how to make your own here.

A cute snake toy

Find out how to make this cute snake that your kids will love right here.

A treat for your cat

Not only will the bright colors and rustling sound this toy makes immediately intrigue your cats, but the little bit of catnip it contains will make them very happy indeed. Instructions on how to make it can be found here.

A simple but cute bracelet

Any young lover of fashion can make one of these for themselves and stand out from the crowd. Take a look here.

Children's toys

All you need is a clean soft sock and you can make something to delight your kids with. The details are on this website.

A donut-shaped stress toy

These cute, tasty-looking toys work just as well as a way to relieve stress as they do as pincushions. Watch the video here to find out how to make your own.

A cute and unusual pouch for your phone

This wonderful design is actually really easy to make - just follow the instructions here.

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