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McDonalds Has Finally Revealed the Right Way to Eat Fast Food

McDonald’s workers have finally shared a way to eat their fast food properly. Turns out, it can be done using only one hand, however, the method requires some agility. Are you ready to accept the challenge?

After learning about this hack, we at Bright Side rushed to the nearest McDonald’s to try it out ourselves and inspire you to do the same (if you dare).

One of the McDonald’s cafes located in Australia recently shared this curious food hack on their Instagram page. The most surprising part of this trick is that you can eat your whole lunch with one hand only. In addition, McDonald’s workers came up with some special instructions to help everyone else figure it out.

The hack consists of 4 stages. First of all, you need to buy a whole meal that includes a drink with a straw, French fries, and something that comes in their classic carton box (like a burger or nuggets).

So here goes: open your box with the burger (or nuggets) and place it right on the straw by piercing the box right in the middle through a special hole (yes, it’s actually there!) This way you’ll create something like a tray.

Fill the empty part of the box with the French Fries.

Eventually, you’ll create a tray and a cup with a drink that you’ll be able to eat and drink using only one hand. Voila!

Here are the full instructions in one picture:

People have had various reactions to this trick:

Some of them tried the tip right away and succeeded:

Others failed and were pretty disappointed about it:

Maybe training agility skills could help?

Are you going to try this trick out? Tell us about whether you managed to do it or not in the comments!