My Grandad Used to Soak a Cork From a Wine Bottle in Spirit Each Night, and This Was the Result in the Morning...

Corks from wine bottles are a great material for making all kinds of handicrafts. There are thousands of ways you can put them to good use! We at Bright Side have put together some of the most practical things you can do with them.


You can use a simple cork to hold the lid of a cooking pot without burning yourself. Very convenient!


Place a cork from a wine bottle in some spirit and leave it for the night. My grandfather used to love this trick...

The cork, now saturated with spirit, can be used like a candle - it will burn for a long time in the glass and give off a beautiful light!


Cut a cork into thin circular slices using a boxcutter knife. Stick some adhesive tape on one side of each piece. Then place the slices under the legs of a piece of furniture. Now there's no way it can ever scratch your floor again!


Bore two holes into a cork, then pass a piece of elasticated string through, and tie up each end in a knot.

Now you can keep your wires fixed together!


Now you have an improvised frame for a photograph, calendar, or note.


A cork can also serve as a great key chain!

In fact, you won't lose your keys even if you drop them in water - the cork will ensure they float on the surface.


To make sure your headphones don't get tangled up in your pocket, you can wind them around a cork. For this, you again need to make a small incision in it and wrap the wires around the resulting crack.

You can watch all these tricks in this video:

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Based on materials from 5-Minute Crafts
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