Next Time You Open a Can Don’t Forget to Do This

You've probably read those crazy stories on the Internet about the family that died of leptospirosis because they used to drink soda directly from the can. We at Bright Side decided to tell you everything we know about the actual risks of this habit so you don't get confused by all the stories.

Let's be honest. Drinking soda directly from the can is pretty common, especially when we're away from home. Only the most cautious of us clean the can with a tissue or a napkin before opening it. But is it enough? Let's find out.

All cans leave the factory in plastic packs which isolate them from the dirt and dust, and this is how they get to the supermarket.

Cans that spend a couple of days on the shelves of the supermarket may accumulate some dust, so cleaning them before drinking is a good idea. But, in reality, it's almost impossible for those cans to get so dirty that we'd need to wash them with detergent.

Anyways, before opening a can, consider the following tips:

  • Clean the can because you never know for sure if it was stored in the proper way.
  • If you're using a tissue, remember that it removes dust but doesn't disinfect.
  • Make sure the can is in good condition: it should not be rusty, swollen, or damaged.
  • If the can is swollen, it can be a sign of contamination due to improper sterilization. The cans also swell if there are tiny dents or holes in them.
  • If the can is damaged, the inner coating that prevents the metal from direct contact with the liquid may be cracked. In this case the metal is oxidized, and this oxide mixes with the liquid. It's better not to use damaged cans.

In conclusion, we'd like to give you one simple piece of advice: you don't have to believe all those viral stories from the web. But keep in mind that since you don't know how and where the can was stored, it's better to clean it before drinking from it, just like any other bottle or container that comes into contact with your mouth.

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