Nine professional tips for looking your best in photos

In our day and age, we've grown so used to posing for photos that we can hardly imagine things being otherwise. And yet, in most cases, this boils down to taking rushed selfies with our smartphones. It is quite another thing to undertake a fully-fledged photo shoot without relying on countless electronic filters to rectify your mistakes. Only a professionally made picture can truly capture the way we look, by showing both our blemishes and the features that make us attractive.

Especially for Bright Side, Roman Zakharchenko, an expert photographer, offers some invaluable advice that will help you look flawless in every picture!

Try to avoid making low-angle shots

Taking photos from a low angle makes portraits look more tense and is likely to 'add pounds.' It is best to take photos of yourself and others at eye level - this will ensure that you won't make your photo subjects look bulky or 'give' them a massive double chin.

Don't go for high-angle shots

High-angle shots make your head look disproportionately big compared to the rest of your body. Still, you might risk it if you want to go for something extra cute, like that famous Puss In Boots shot from Shrek!

Identify your 'lucky' side

Nearly everyone's facial features are asymmetric. Therefore, you'd be wise to identify your best-looking side and make sure that it faces the camera during the entire photo shoot.

Don't draw your cheeks in

If you want to make your cheeks appear less prominent, don't draw them in. Simply turn your face three-quarters away from the camera, and press your tongue to the roof of your mouth.

Master the art of squinting

Keeping your eyes wide open and your brows raised gives your face a surprised and somewhat alarmed expression. During photo sessions, it is best to keep your eyes slightly narrowed - this will make your gaze more confident and compelling.

Try not to scowl

Not only does scowling create a threatening impression, such posture also makes your nose appear longer! The right way to present yourself during a photo shoot is to look straight at the camera.

Lift your chin up

When photographing yourself from the side, raise your chin slightly to give your face more expression. Thanks to this simple trick, your cheeks and neck will appear more slender.

Don't puff your lips

When sending an air kiss to the camera, try not to go over the top with your acting. Otherwise, it might look like you're blowing a raspberry!

Smile naturally

A light and reserved smile is certain to make your features more pleasant, while a wide grin will only highlight any wrinkles.

And remember - the beauty of a photo portrait depends entirely on the skills of the photographer!

Model: Anastasia Naumova

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