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Reddit Users Are Sharing Genius Life Hacks and They Are Pure Gems

Some life hacks come and go, but once some tricks appear on your Facebook feed they divide your life into “before” and “after.” And now you know how to fix a slipper, how to warm pizza up in a toaster, and how to untangle your laces in one second.

Here at Bright Side we think it’s absolutely vital to share these life hacks with the world to make life easier. So prepare your pens and notebooks and scroll down for tricks that are real treasures.

1. You can reheat pizza by turning your toaster on its side.

2. Deadbolt lockout

3. That’s a brilliant way to fix a flipflop!

4. Need AAs but only have AAAs? Not a problem!

5. To cool your drink without making it watery, pre-freeze pieces of fruit and add them to your drink!

6. Keeping fingers cheese free

7. Drilling a hole in the ceiling? A plastic cup saves you from dust!

8. “I’m flying next to a genius.”

9. A smart way to keep flies out of your wine!

10. During a power outage, use a muffin tin and tea lights to heat water.

11. An improvised sprinkler

12. If you don’t have an extra container for seeds, no worries!

13. Have you ever realized that the sauces perfectly fit there?

14. Store salad dressings for your lunch in mini liquor bottles!

15. A flashlight on a water bottle can make a great camping light!

16. Avoid problems with getting bags of rice from a pan.

17. Cut a leg off of a delivery pizza topper thing to create a smartphone stand.

18. Clean the ‘fuzz’ off your window screens with a lint roller!

19. Attach your car keys to your phone charger so you don’t forget it.

20. If your toaster is broken, use an iron colander instead!

21. My life will never be the same again.

22. No curtain tie? No problem, use sunglasses!

23. A cheap way to cool off your laptop

24. If you put a popsocket on your small mirror, you can hold everything with one hand and do your makeup with the other!

25. Use bobby pins to untie stubborn shoelaces.

The improvised airplane phone holder is our favorite trick! Did you already know some of these hacks? Do you have something to add to this list? We’d be happy to see your pics in the comments below!

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