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Redditors Share Lesser-Known Uses for Everyday Things, and These 20 Tips Are Pure Gems

If you don’t know what to do with those pesky scratches on your wooden furniture or how to fight ice on your driveway, try browsing through Reddit threads. Some Redditors are real magicians and they know how to find a way out of any situation and use the most unexpected ways to do it.

Here at Bright Side we’ve picked these 20 tips and tricks for you that will help you solve little everyday problems and see ordinary things in a new light. Feel free to enlarge our collection with your own tips!

Use a tea infuser to add all the broken bits of bay leaf into your dish.

  • “Use salt as an abrasive and absorber when cleaning. I spray my stove top with a general household cleaner then sprinkle salt liberally over the top. It gets grease out easily.” @fopeo
  • “Add salt to your hand wash to get the gasoline smell off.” @bloodflart
  • “I carry a garlic press in my purse so that when I’m out at a restaurant, I can make a small amount of baby food out of any steamed vegetable.” @crinnaurs

“Use a towel to cover the mixer and bowl to keep flour or powdered sugar from flying out and making a mess.”

  • “Any kind of cooking oil will easily get pine sap off of your hands. Just use it like soap.” @OxfordBombers
  • Rub a walnut on the scratches of your wooden furniture, and the scratch will disappear. You need to rub the nut out of the shell, of course. @Nords
  • You can use a clear mascara wand to brush your pet and to remove flea eggs and other things from their fur. @Drink-my-koolaid

A Mason jar lid will help you make round eggs for your breakfast sandwiches.

  • “Put a somewhat thick layer of Vaseline on the skin around your hairline, ears, and neck when dying your hair. If you accidentally get dye on your skin, you can easily wipe it off.” @benjiminmckinley
  • “Makeup remover wipes are really good at getting bike chain grease off of your hands.” @Leucippus1
  • Used coffee grounds can serve a variety of purposes: you can add them into your plants’ soil to improve its PH balance, put them in the fridge to eliminate odors, or sprinkle them onto your icy steps and driveway to make their surface less slippery. @DeathSpiral321

“If your hotel curtains are letting in too much light, grab a hanger with clips and pinch it shut.”

  • “I wrap those thick rubber bands (you know, the ones that come around broccoli crowns) around tight jar lids to make them grippy and easy to open.” @CLNA11
  • “If you have pets, spray a mixture (2 or 3 to 1) of water to fabric softener on carpet and let it dry before vacuuming. You’ll be amazed at how much pet hair gets picked up. Bonus, it smells awesome.” @thehgic
  • “Keep a bag of cat litter in the trunk of your car, in case you need extra traction if you get stuck in ice or snow.” @Back2Bach

“A vegetable peeler can be used to make beautifully thin slices of cheese, for crackers.”

  • Apply shaving foam onto your bathroom mirrors. It will prevent them from fogging up or reduce the misting. It works for car windows as well. @wirral_guy

  • Use dryer sheets to get deodorant marks off your clothes. @UpstairsCan

  • If you buy paper toilet seat covers, you may be surprised to learn that they work just as well as blotting paper for oily skin, and they’re usually cheaper than blotting paper. @wurstbrot_royal

Which of these tips would you try out? Can you share your own unexpected tricks that use ordinary things?

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