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Smartphone Combinations That Will Be Useful in Any Confusing Situation

Our smartphones contain lots of useful and interesting functions we don't know about. With the help of special combinations, we can get various pieces of informative data and even perform some changes to the settings.

Bright Side gathered the most exciting codes that are useful for everyone. Try them! Our recommendations are applied to iPhones, but some combinations also work for Androids.

10. To find out your IMEI number:


The IMEI is a number unique to your device. You can use the same method to check your IMEI number for Android, Windows Phone, and even some old phones.

It's used to know some of a device's features: the manufacturing date and date of purchase, warranty information, and if it was lost or repaired. This service and websites like this one will help you to find out this information.

Note: If your phone has been stolen, give the IMEI number to the police, and they'll be able to trace its location.

9. To find out information about calls, messages, and other data forwarding:


This combination will help you to get information about forwarding settings: whether or not someone else receives your calls, messages, and other data.

8. To find out information about a phone number that receives your data via forwarding settings:

If forwarding settings are on, *#62# will show the phone number that receives data (calls, messages, faxes, etc).

7. To switch off forwarding:

The combination ##002# will switch off all current forwarding settings.

6. To hide your phone number from another user:

#31#phone-number makes a call while hiding your phone number from the person you're calling. It works only with a current call.

5. To find out information about the call waiting function:


When you're speaking to someone via phone and someone else is trying to call you, the call waiting function is responsible for further actions. If it's disabled, a person hears the "busy" tone, and their call ends.

4. To activate call waiting:

*43# activates call waiting.

3. To switch off call waiting:

Use #43# if you need to switch off call waiting.

2. To find out full information about a mobile network:


This combination shows all the information about your SIM card in a pop-up menu. You can find out the efficiency of the mobile network and the signal level in numerals. For example, it's rather convenient to be able to go through the office and find the best signal level.

1. To find out the phone number of your service center:


This command allows you to find the phone number of your carrier's service center.

Have you tried these codes? Did they work? Share your results in the comments!

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