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Ten brilliant ideas for transforming your cutting boards into works of art

A cutting board is one of the most used items in any kitchen, and yet we rarely pay attention to its appearance or condition. Meanwhile, even the smallest detail can transform your kitchen and freshen up the whole interior.

We at Bright Side decided that cutting boards should be used for more than just chopping and found ten creative interpretations of this seemingly ordinary kitchen accessory. 


Use cutting boards to create a similar miniature garden. 

Kitchen towel hanger

Find the instruction for turning an old cutting board into a towel hanger here.

Kitchen chalkboard

You will love writing down your shopping lists or leaving nice little messages for your family on this chalkboard. 

Etched cutting boards

Make very cute cutting boards using a special wood-burning or etching tool and these instructions.

Miniature garden 

To make a herb planter cutting board, just follow the instructions on this blog

Photo clipboards

These instructions will help you create a fun gallery wall right in your kitchen. A perfect way to display your kids' drawings!

Tablet holder

With this holder you can safely use your tablet while cooking.

Paint an interesting pattern on your board

These unusual cutting boards can also be used as serving trays.

Add a little marble

An ordinary wooden cutting board + marble = a masterpiece.

Cutlery organizer

A simple yet original idea for organizing your cutlery.

Preview photo credit 5-Minute Crafts,  / (с) Iara Venanzi/Editora Globo
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