10 Great Life Hacks to Keep Your Shoes Immaculate

There is nothing worse for your shoes than dirt, sludge and dust on the roads. That's why, if you want your footwear to serve you for many years, you have to give it proper protection. Fortunately, you don't need to spend lots of money on special shoe-care items — just remember several tips that will keep your shoes and boots looking good as new!

Bright Side brings you some recommendations that will help you take good care of all your shoes.

To stretch your shoes with a hair dryer at home, do the following: put on your leather shoes or boots while wearing thick socks and heat all the necessary areas with a hair dryer for 30 seconds, then turn it off and walk in the shoes until they cool down. Remember, you should keep the hair dryer at least four inches above the shoes lest stains or blotches should appear.

A velvety handkerchief will renew lacquered shoes

After washing your shoes, polish them with a velvet handkerchief. If you take care of your footwear like this every day, nobody will even suspect that you are wearing old shoes!

Getting rid of stains on suede boots

If you notice a fresh greasy stain, sprinkle it with talcum or starch. These substances will consume the dirt, so after four or five hours you can brush them off your shoes and forget all about the stain. For brown suede, it's best to use ground coffee the same way.

Whitening the soles

It's no secret that simple toothpaste is good at returning whiteness to soles of shoes. Just squeeze some paste on an old toothbrush and brush it into the sole. It can also be used to whiten other parts of your sneakers if they're not made of leather. The toothpaste should be white, however, and not contain any colored additives.

Drying wet shoes

Genuine leather shoes can be dried with newspapers or soda. Fill the boots with wads of newspaper or any other suitable paper and pack it in, then wrap the pair in several layers of newspaper as well. Remember not to use papers with photographs or too much ink, and change the filling in a couple of hours.

Vapor will freshen suede shoes

Suede begins to get coarse when exposed to water, heat, and other factors. To prolong the life of your suede shoes or boots, use vapor to freshen the material. You can do that by carefully using your iron's vaporizing function; don't touch the shoes with the iron itself, just release some vapor on the surface.

Stretching leather footwear

This method works well for faux leather, too, but only if it's of good quality. First, heat some water in a kettle. When the water is boiling, pour it into the shoes, keeping it there for a few seconds before pouring it out. Put on the shoes and walk around until they're dry.

Keep shoes smelling fresh

To get rid of unpleasant smells, use vinegar. Dampen a cotton ball in 6% or 9% vinegar and wipe the inside of your shoes with it. Then let them dry out in the open.

Cleaning sneakers

Dampen your sneakers, and rub some bleaching powder on both the soles and the upper cloth. Let them stay like this for 15 minutes, then brush them off and rinse under the tap.

Waterproof shoes

To protect your footwear from soaking, rub the seams with linseed oil several times. 

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