12 Simple Ways to Ensure That Cables Never Get Tangled Up Again

Bright Side would like to share 11 amazing devices that you can easily make yourself in order to organize all the wires in your home. Now you’ll always find the right cable as quickly as possible.

Charging station

Check out the instructions on how to transform a bread box into a creative charging station for your smartphone and other devices.

A box with compartments

It’s very convenient to keep all of your cables in a box divided into labeled compartments. Check out this blog to see how to make it.

If you use this cable every day and don’t want to hide it, this simple idea is for you.

A paper roll

Try this idea, and you’ll never have any trouble unraveling cables again!

You can also place paper rolls in a plastic box like this.

A cell phone holder

Check out the detailed instructions on how to make a cell phone holder using a lotion bottle.

Decorated wires

If you can’t hide the wires, then decorate them! Get more details here.

A colorful case

A case like this is perfect for keeping your earphones and wires untangled while traveling. And it’s very easy to make!

To keep charger and adapter cables in order, use these bulldog clips.

A carrying case

Here are the detailed tutorials on how to sew your own carrying case.

Tag your cables

If you have identical cables, just tag them to avoid confusion. Here is an example.

Click here to see how to keep different wires in order and add bright colors to a power strip.

Roll your cable with a fan

Instead of just folding your charging cable and risking it to get tangled up, roll it on a marker or any other long and round object, and then blow on it with a fan. This way, when you take it off the marker, it will retain the rolled-up shape and become springy — like an old phone wire, in fact.

DIY Kinder Surprise earphones holder

This video tutorial shows how to customize surprise egg capsules into super cute earphones holders.

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