The 14 Best Gifts for Women According to Women Themselves

To choose a worthy gift for a woman you like - mom, sister, friend, wife, or colleague - is a pleasure. But it's not as easy as you may think.

We at Bright Side aim to help you choose the most memorable present and smartly avoid common mistakes.

We must admit that it's difficult to guess which hair care products will suit a woman. To be honest, most of us prefer choosing them ourselves. Instead, unusual styling tools can make a great present.

Most likely, another bottle of nail polish or a manicure kit won't make your girlfriend as happy as a UV nail dryer or an electric nail file.

Instead of a warm but ordinary sweater, choose a funny Christmas one - perhaps with sparkling lights or Rudolph the Reindeer! It might be even better if you find couple sweaters - it's amusing to greet guests or warm up by the fireplace wearing them.

You probably have lots of cups at home, most of them reminding you of a good vacation or places where you worked. To be more original, present a thermos or a tumbler cup - must-have items if you're going to an ice rink.

In winter, technology often lets us down: phone batteries die almost as soon as we go outside. Instead of a new cell phone case, pay attention to power banks. They can also be pretty gifts.

Our moms have good reason when they say that Christmas souvenirs only collect dust. We must admit that a plush rooster isn't an extremely useful present. But designer Christmas tree decorations or beautiful Christmas lights will last for years.

If your friend likes to cook, a frying pan or a pot can be a really great gift. The main thing is to stay original: find an interesting design or an unusual color. As a bonus, your friend will surely want to try out your gift and treat you to a fabulous dinner.

It's better to present notebooks and pens only to those who really use them regularly: for example, those who keep diaries. But a magnetic board for a fridge will come in handy for everyone as it's a great thing to leave notes on.

Money is a useful gift, but it's more relevant for weddings. Instead, a gift voucher for a photo session, a good restaurant, or an online store is a great present for everyone.

Instead of giving photo lovers frames and albums, you can present them with a photo session or a nice camera.

Plants in a pot are always a responsibility. Those who get such a gift can be extremely busy or not willing to take care of a flower. A humidifier is a useful and original alternative.

You can replace teddy bears with a cozy blanket or warm clothes with unusual and funny prints.

Instead of giving trinkets or jewelry, present a fashionable fitness tracker. They can look even better than some jewelry.

A home spa kit can be a great replacement for the standard set of bed linen. After all, every woman wants to relax after a long working week.

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