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The 20 coolest decor ideas using ordinary bottles

You probably have many empty glass and plastic bottles lying around at home. As a rule, you rush to get rid of this junk as soon as possible. But wait! Have you ever thought about how beautiful objects can be created from the bottles you consider useless and unnecessary?

Today, Bright Side presents the 20 coolest ideas for home decor to prove that this material is perfect for creating a little piece of art with your own hands.

Festive lights

You can easily transform ordinary bottles into elegant lamps by decorating them with beautiful garlands. Instructions for this amazing transformation can be found here.


An old plastic bottle is a great idea for making a small and cute flowerpot. Here is the detailed description of this creative process.

A bird feeder

Of course, it's easy to use a plastic bottle for this purpose. However, if you have the time and the desire, you can make a bird feeder out of a glass bottle as well.

A jewelry stand

This kind of stand is very convenient for those who like to keep their jewelry close at hand. Click here to find out more about this DIY idea.


By recycling glass or plastic bottles, you can make wonderful vases for your home. Here you can find how to create such a wonderful piece of art.

Garden decor

With a few simple manipulations, you can easily create colorful 'wind spirals' from a plastic bottle. They will flutter in the wind, please the eye, and even keep the birds away from your strawberries.

Original containers with zipper closure

This kind of container can be an excellent storage idea for various small things, or it can simply serve as cool gift wrap. Find out how to create such a superb container with your own hands here.


Beautiful glassware is never enough for your kitchen as it is often fragile and can be broken easily. The detailed steps for cutting and processing glass are described here.

Candles for repelling mosquitoes

The secret of these candles is that they contain citronella essential oil, the scent of which is often used to keep bugs away. Thus, you can enjoy your mosquito-free candlelight dinner in the evenings.

Picture frames

Of course, it’s not a real picture frame, but rather an original way to display your favorite photos. The process itself is fairly easy. Just try it out by following these simple steps.

A wind chime

Another great design idea for your house and garden. This is how you can make this awesome wind chime from beer bottles.

A soap dispenser

If there is an empty bottle of whiskey just lying around, don’t rush to throw it away. It can still be very useful.


Would you ever imagine that these colorful bracelets can be made out of an ordinary plastic bottle? This video tutorial will teach you how to make such beautiful jewelry.

A galaxy in a bottle

Making a glowing galaxy in a bottle together with your kids will be so much fun. Here is the detailed explanation of this creative project.

Flowers from plastic bottles

These flowers can be used for children's crafts or as ornaments for flower beds. Find out how to make such beautiful flowers by following these instructions.

Bottle edging for garden beds

You can use wine and beer bottles for edging your garden flower beds. Here is the video tutorial for designing your garden.

A piece of decor filled with dry products

It’s not so difficult to turn a bottle into a stylish decor element. All you will need  is a bottle, various cereals, and a creative imagination. Learn how to make such a wonderful piece of art here.

Home decor idea in decoupage style

You can either adorn your house with these decorated bottles or give them to someone as a gift. Isn’t it a great idea?


You and your kids can make these lovely penguins from ordinary plastic bottles. The instructions for this super cute idea are here.


It’s another creative idea for those who like modern and extraordinary lamps. Find out more about this project here.

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