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A creative way to fold napkins for your holiday table

Hosting guests is something that we all do from time to time. Though it may be challenging, we always try to make everything perfect. To help you set your festive table easily, we here at Bright Side share this awesome napkin-folding idea that will make your table setting special. Get ready to impress your guests!

To try this, you will need a square napkin (40cm by 40cm).

1. Place a square napkin on the table. Take the first layer on top of the napkin, and fold it diagonally.

2. Fold the next layer of the napkin diagonally, stopping slightly before the last fold. Tuck the second fold beneath the first.

3. Then fold one more layer as you did before, and tuck it beneath the previous fold again. The distance between folds should be approximately equal.

4. Flip the napkin over, and fold the left side back about 1/3 of the way.

5. Fold the left side over to meet the far edge of the napkin.

6. Tuck the lower left corner of the napkin as shown in the picture.

7. Flip the napkin over. You'll now see a neat fold in place. Insert your cutlery, and you're all set.

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