10 Animals Who Wouldn’t Have Survived Without the Kindness of Strangers

We all like to see different animals and birds, and we'd help if we thought somebody needed us. Compassion, sympathy, and a willingness to help when somebody is in trouble – that’s what makes us human. It doesn’t matter if it is a bird, a dog, or a crocodile. They all feel pain, hunger, and fear, they can be scared, and they all want to live.

Bright Side found 10 people who went the extra mile, often risking their own lives.

1. Duck saved from under ice

No one knows for sure how this poor duck got trapped under the ice. Perhaps it was diving to get some food but couldn't find its way back. Ducks can hold their breath for a very long time, but everything has a limit. This bird was in big trouble when a Norwegian guy saw what had happened. Luckily, this man was not too afraid to get into the icy water. He broke the ice, which was still thin enough, and fished the duck out. The duck recovered very quickly and was thankful to its hero.

2. Pelican saved from fishing wire

2 guys saw a pelican with fishing wire wrapped around its beak, and one of them jumped to catch the bird. Somehow he managed to grab the bird's legs milliseconds before it escaped. The pelican was not very impressed with the action but was grateful at the end. "You are awesome!" somebody from the crowd yelled to the men.

3. Blue the sun bear

This little guy was rescued from the black market, and his early childhood was far from beautiful. It's a miracle that he survived. When rescuers from the nonprofit organization Free the Bears found him, he couldn't even walk because of severe spinal injury. It took lots of time and patience before little Blue was able to walk again. Stay healthy, beautiful boy. You deserve it.

4. Roger the red kangaroo

Roger was found in the pouch of his mom, who was hit by a truck. Unfortunately, lots of kangaroos die on roads, and wildlife staff often look after the young ones. Roger's rescuer definitely took good care of him: today Roger looks like a bodybuilder who works out 5 times a day. He is getting a bit old now, but in his prime, Roger stood at a height of 6' 7'' and weighed in at 200 lb.

5. Last 3 northern white rhinos

Can you believe that there are only 3 northern white rhinos left? 3! On the entire planet. Kenya’s authorities put a lot of effort into protecting these beautiful animals, and an armed guard looks after them 24/7. Unfortunately, there is no hope that any of these 3 will reproduce, and so we are basically witnessing the full extinction of these animals. Very sad.

6. Cuejo the kangaroo

This 6-month-old kangaroo needed a new family after his mom was killed by a truck, and he found it at the local police department. That day, a police officer saw 2 eagles attacking the little kangaroo and reacted immediately. Cuejo suffered some injuries and had to stay at the police station until he made a full recovery. He is so used to his new friends in uniform that now he often accompanies them on duty and even has a high-vis jacket.

7. Sam the koala

Bushfires in Australia are an annual event. The question is not if it’s going to happen this year but how bad it will be. When a firefighter saw a little koala near a tree after a terrible wildfire, he knew it was asking for help. He gave her water, and the little koala, later named Sam, was very grateful. Sam was taken to an animal hospital to receive treatment.

8. Diablo the dog

Dobermans are known for their playful and energetic nature, and this one is no different...he just took it a little too far when he ran to a lake to chase a goose. The lake was frozen, but apparently not frozen enough, and Diablo fell into the water. The ice was way too thin for the owner to get anywhere near the poor Doberman. The owner called the local firefighters, and they rushed to help. After 25 minutes in freezing water, Diablo was rescued. He was not harmed and made a full recovery.

9. Budi the orangutan

When this little guy was rescued from his owner, he was so weak he couldn’t even sit on his own. The owner believed that the 1-year-old orangutan didn't need any fruit, veggies, or any other solid food and that condensed milk was good enough. As a result, Budi was severely malnourished. Nevertheless, he is clearly not a quitter. In the beginning, vets were very skeptical because he'd been so badly neglected, but Budi got stronger and stronger every day, mainly thanks to the Orangutan Rescue Center. Now he is in great shape!

10. Horse saved from a ravine

It was definitely not the best day for this horse and rider, who fell 300 feet into a ravine. The rider managed to get out uninjured and get to safety to seek help. The horse was also unharmed but had no chance of getting out on its own. Well, this horse had a totally new experience – not many horses have been in the air! Thanks to local firefighters, the horse was lifted from the ravine by a helicopter and taken to safety. Good on you, guys.

Each of these heroes saved another life, and we can sincerely say to every single one of them, "You are awesome!" We're sure you know similar stories, so tell us about them in the comments. And don't forget to share with your friends because we all need to know about these people.

Preview photo credit YNGVIL SØHOLT/imgur
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