10+ People Who Took Friendship With Pets to the New Ground

Scientific research has shown that animals are able to experience friendship, love, sadness, and happiness. Those of you who live with an animal already know this without science even having to tell you. Love is a universal feeling that overcomes the barriers of race, religion, and sometimes even species.

Bright Side is here to help you witness some of the most tender and moving love and friendship stories between humans and their animal brothers. Don’t miss our adorable bonus at the end that many pet owners are familiar with.

1. Man’s best friend isn’t always a dog.

They say a dog is man’s best friend but in this case, at least, it’s a pet duck. Jonny from California has a duck named Nibbles who starts quacking excitedly as he waits for his human best friend to return every day from school. His mother died before he hatched, and he imprinted on Jonny since he was the first person he saw when coming into the world.

2. Nala, the cat that travels the world by bicycle

When Dean Nicholson, a 31-year-old cyclist, left to discover the world on his bike, he never imagined that this trip would change his life like it did. Along the way, he found a small, stray kitten, who he later named Nala and who literally won him over completely. Dean even modified his bicycle with a special basket for Nala and now the 2 of them are traveling the world together, sharing their adventures on Instagram.

3. Before and after photos of a rescued cat (what a difference a month can make)!

Sometimes we don’t choose them, but they choose us as life companions. This happened in the case of this kitten that approached a random person on the street, who would later become her mother. She confidently got into her car and let herself be pampered. The before and after in these photos shows how love can work miracles.

4. A rescued orphaned wallaby brings her baby to visit her human mom.

Animals know how to show gratitude, as proven by this little wallaby who came back to show her baby to the woman who had raised her 2 years before.

5. Don't judge a book by its cover.

Monty was an abandoned and unwanted cat because of his strange appearance. Just by looking at his snout you can clearly see that something is wrong with him. After a little while, a young Danish couple fell in love with him and took him home.

They had him tested and discovered that Monty had one more chromosome than the other cats. In a nutshell, he was suffering from feline down syndrome. Today Monty is 5 years old and is a very happy cat.

6. A Marine and a stray dog saved each other.

Craig Grossi saw a stray dog in really bad shape. Craig took him back to the base and the 2 developed a unique relationship. When it was time to return home, Grossi decided that the dog would have to return with him.

After pulling a few strings, they were able to return home together. But soon Grossi was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), but Fred (the dog) never left his side and helped him through his problems.

7. An angel man saves dogs destined for certain death.

Greg Mahle is a truck driver with a fairly tight economic situation. Twice a week he leaves his house and travels about 6,000 km to make his round of deliveries. During his travels, he visits animal shelters that euthanize their animals and adopts all the dogs that are set to be euthanized, to give them a second chance at life.

Not only does he adopt the most needy dogs, but he spends the rest of his time finding families interested in adopting these animals. We can all do something good if we want it, and Greg shows us that.

8. A kitten saved from the street becomes the most loving pet that his human friend has ever had.

Talk about destiny! This kitten was rescued from a parking lot and now brings joy and happiness to his new mom.

9. I will wait for you.

Olivia Sievers is a stewardess who often travels to Argentina. One day when she was there she met a small stray dog, by chance, who immediately became her friend. Her job has her coming and going often, but every time she came back, the dog was there waiting for her at the entrance to the airport.

He had chosen Olivia to become his adoptive mother. Finally, she made the decision to take him with her to Germany. Now Rubio (as Olivia named him) is finally happy and safe.

10. Saved at the last second

A dip into a frozen lake in search of food ended up trapping this poor duck under the ice.
She would surely have died if this Norwegian boy didn’t dive in and take her to safety.

11. A lucky escape for Cuejoe

Orphaned after losing his mother who had been hit by a truck, this baby kangaroo needed a new home. One day a policeman saved him after 2 eagles literally plucked him out of his shelter in the police station yard. He took him back to the police station and Cuejoe continued to get the care he needed. Since then the policeman who saved his life and little Cuejoe are always together, even when he is on patrol.

12. Unusual best friends

Rosie Kemp, from Nassau in the Bahamas, found a baby raccoon that had fallen out of a tree. She was very weak and had broken her back leg, so Rosie decided to adopt the little raccoon, and named her “Pumpkin.” The family also has dogs and Pumpkin has grown up with them, so now she believes she is a dog herself and is living a happy life with her new human family.

Bonus: I was wondering why my husband wasn’t cuddling with me.

This little dog has certainly won the heart of her human friend and we’re sure that his wife will understand.

And you, do you have any pets at home? What do you think of these stories? Tell us how you feel in the comments!

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