12 Stories Proving Life Would Be Boring Without Pets

Pets may be a bother when you're trying to sleep or eat, but you can be sure that they will always keep you entertained.

Bright Side "overheard" several hilarious stories proving that animals are so much fun.

  • I was smoking on my balcony one evening. Suddenly I saw the neighbor's cat crawling along the ledge with obvious intent to ravage a sparrow's nest. I hid and then shouted suddenly, "Scat, you! What the heck are you doing here?" But the cat remained where it was! An old woman picking some seeds from the flowers under the balcony darted away; a guy drinking beer fell off a low wall and scrambled away; a girl sticking a notice on a door disappeared at once. And the cat kept moving forward...
  • One late winter evening, my husband looked out the window and saw a guy walking a large Doberman in an empty yard. The dog really wanted to play, but its owner was chatting on the phone and paying the dog no attention. Then my husband took a laser pointer and started playing. With somebody else's dog. From the 13th floor. The Doberman pranced around the yard, jumping over snow drifts and yelping happily. Its owner kept chatting. Everyone was happy.
  • My neighbor used to have a parrot. Too talented, I would say. Over a short period of time, it learned to produce the sound of a doorbell. And my poor neighbor had to answer the door 20 times a day. Later, somebody gave her a dog for her birthday. And she didn't have to check the door anymore because when somebody really rang at the door, the dog started barking. The neighbor was really happy with her dog. But her happiness didn't last for too long. After 2 weeks, the parrot started "ringing" and then barking.
  • My cat is really something. I ran out of money. Couldn't buy food for 2 days. I was starving. And the cat was as well. So I wake up today and see 3 sparrows lying in a row by the bed, with the satisfied cat hovering over them. When he saw that I was awake, he moved one of the sparrows closer to me, as if saying, "Here, master. Eat up."
  • Our family was sitting on the sofa watching TV. My parents' cat (a huge British Shorthair, 6-7 kilos) was lying in the armchair. After a while, we hear a disgruntled meow from the armchair. Dad jumps up from the sofa, rushes to the cat, and turns him over. The cat yawns and falls asleep again. Seeing our quizzical looks, dad clarifies: "He was uncomfortable."
  • I'd just moved to a new apartment in Germany. I was in an elevator with a girl and her dog, a very beautiful black Labrador. So we come out of the elevator and it turns out that the girl is my neighbor. She enters her apartment. And I'm standing there, rummaging in my bag, looking for keys. And then I hear her voice: "Sitz, Zois. Sitz!" and then in English, "Not on the cat, you dummy! Up, silly, get up! You'll squash her, fatso!" I burst out laughing, she heard, opened her door, and that was how we became friends. Now we walk our dogs together.
  • They say cats react to intonation, not words. I have 3 cats. So I ran an experiment: I told them something bad in a gentle voice and said something good angrily. Turns out my cats react to the text. And my husband reacts only to intonation...
  • I have 2 Pitbulls, a Rottweiler, and a cat. The Rottweiler can push 120 kilos in a jump; Pitbulls can defeat an Alabai or even a pack of Alabais; the cat, who banged all the pussycats in the neighborhood and scared away all the tomcats, bosses the dogs around and eats from their bowls. The brutality of my pets is really overwhelming. But everything changes when it comes to the vacuum cleaner...
  • Cat: "Watching a horror movie in earphones? Let me sniff your foot."
  • I have 2 cats – a girl and a boy. We leaned out of the window too far once, and the girl cat fell out of the window of the third floor. She survived but really hurt her back paw. It even turned blue. The other cat started sharing his house with the sick girl cat (he never let her that close before). He even tidied the litter box after her and let her get to the bowls first. The girl caught on quickly. After a while, she began confusing the paw she was supposed to limp on. The boy noticed that really fast. He kicked her out of the house, stopped digging up her poop, and was first at the bowls.
  • I get up for work at 6 a.m. I make myself a cup of coffee and go to the balcony. I've recently noticed that at this time of the day a young couple takes turns to walk a Labrador dog. I just fell in love with this dog. I watch it each morning. And it behaves differently each time, depending on who walks it. If it's the girl, the dog trots quietly beside her with its head down. The girl walks with her nose in her phone. If it's the guy, they run around together, going crazy down there. They run in a straight line, then the guy stops abruptly and starts running in another direction – the dog chases after him. The guy throws a stick – the dog brings it back in seconds. There's so much energy in them! The guy squats down, stretches out his arms, and the dog hurries over to get a hug. I love watching them! I go out to my balcony and think, "I hope the guy walks the dog today!"
  • I have a pet budgie that likes walking on the floor. A month after it came to live here, my gramps stepped on it when he was backing up while making his bed. Do you think the budgie died? Nope, it started talking. And quite clearly too.

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Based on materials from Overheard, bash
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