13 Animals Who Didn’t Forget to Thank Their Rescuers

There is a certain kind of person who sympathizes with someone else's pain and treats it like their own. They can't walk past someone who really needs help, and they are usually rewarded with sincere hugs and a grateful look.

Bright Side has collected 13 stories of caring people who saved animals. These stories illustrate the fact that animals (no matter if they are wild or house pets) understand what happens and are grateful for our kindness. At the end of the article, there is a very moving bonus proving once again that we can learn about love and care from children.

1. This squirrel has been visiting the family that saved it for 8 years.

In 2009, Brantley Harrison and her family found a squirrel that had been wounded by an owl. They cared for the squirrel and treated Bella (the name they gave to the animal) for 5 months. After that, it was time to say goodbye, and they let Bella go back to her home in nature. However, the grateful squirrel didn't forget their kindness and has been visiting the family every day for 8 years.

2. Superdog is very grateful to her vet!

3. This swan is hugging its rescuer.

These birds don't have a good reputation and are famous for being aggressive and hostile. But Richard Weeze wasn't too scared to help a bird that got stuck in a fence. The wounded swan hugged the man and put its neck around his. We think this was the bird's way of saying, "Thank you."

4. A moving "thank you" to a vet

5. A grateful deer comes to this house every day.

A family saved a wild deer from hunters a few years ago. Now the animal visits the family to show its gratitude. The deer is very calm: it comes to the window and waits for everyone to wake up. The animal loves bread very much, so sellers from local shops give the deer a few loaves for free. You can see how this beautiful animal eats the food here.

6. Marvin was saved from an animal shelter, and now he is happy.

7. "The deer came to my house looking for a warm place and thanked me."

A girl whose nickname is Amscolie is a real mother to orphaned wild animals. There was once a storm outside, and she went out to check on the deer but couldn't find them. Later, she found them at her house. 3 baby deer sneaked into her house through the back door that she had forgotten to lock, and they were lying comfortably on the floor. The girl couldn't make them leave the house, and so she let them wait in her house until the weather was better. She got a thousand kisses in thanks.

And this baby's name is John. When the girl found him, he was very weak and suffering from selenium deficit. Now John is healthy and happy.

8. This kangaroo has been hugging its rescuers every day for 10 years.

Abigail was saved and transported to the Alice Springs Reserve when she was only 5 months old. Every day, she shows that she remembers the people's kindness with hugs.

This baby is very young now, but it already can express its feelings.

9. The dog didn't let anyone near it, but its heart melted when it met this child.

Nora is a dog that survived abuse from her previous owners. They were so cruel that Nora is now scared of all people. The only person she trusts is a one-year-old boy named Archie. His family took Nora from an animal shelter, and now it's impossible to separate these 2.

This beautiful family also has 4 other dogs, 3 cats, and 3 children.

10. A saved jaguar

The soldiers of the Brazilian army found this small jaguar that was barely alive in the Amazon rainforest. They took him with them and gave him the necessary treatment. The jaguar was not accustomed to living in the wild, which is why the local government let the soldiers keep the animal. They have to watch it closely! Now Jiquitaia (the name the jaguar was given) is alive and well, and he treats the people who rescued him with respect and love.

11. This cat helps other animals.

A cat named Rademenesa was 2 months old when it got to the animal shelter with a very serious condition: respiratory inflammation. Since then, the cat has been a really good assistant and tries to help other sick animals with care and love.

12. This puppy was saved from a fire and is now a firefighter.

Jake is a puppy who was trapped in a burning barn. 75% of his body was burned. Even though he was rescued from the fire, his owners left him in the vet clinic. William Linder, the firefighter that saved this dog's life, couldn't leave the puppy and took him home. Now Jake has a loving owner and a firefighter badge.

13. This saved moose visits its rescuer every day to play with him.

Bonus: This barefoot boy gave a homeless dog his jacket to protect the animal from the cold.

Don't be mad at your children if they bring a kitten into the house from the cold or spend their lunch money on food for a homeless dog. Such actions indicate that a child has a big heart. Thanks to such people, this planet still has a chance.

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