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13 Pets Who Deserve All the Possible Awards for Their Courage and Intelligence


Oftentimes, we relate to our pets, leniently perceiving their barking as a noise without a reason or their meowing as sweet sounds without any meaning. Also, the behavior of our pets sometimes seems strange and out-of-the-ordinary to us. But there are many pieces of proof that animals are humans’ true friends, who are ready to help them during a difficult moment.

Bright Side believes that the opportunity to have a pet can bring a lot of happiness. The characters of today’s compilation revealed how their pets turned out to be faithful friends who once came to the rescue at the right moment.

  • Once my dog Mollie and I went for a walk. I was walking along the shallowed bottom of the lake when suddenly, my foot got stuck in the mud. Cursing everything in the world, I took another step, and my legs fell into the mud up to my ankles. I was stuck and could not get out. I looked at the dog and whispered, “Mollie, what should I do now?” She looked deeply and long into my eyes, leaned forward until she was flat on her belly, and clumsily clambered upward with her back legs digging deeply. She repeated the motions, and I felt the leash go tight. Reaching, pulling, crawling, again and again. I let her drag me, flat on my stomach, across the mud. I had heard that a dog’s strength is roughly similar to that of a man weighing triple the dog’s weight. I have to say that I can certainly believe that. © Cathy Raiser / quora

  • My dog took an instant dislike to a man I met online. He sat between us, pushed against my date, and even growled at him a couple of times. I read in the newspaper the following week that he was arrested for rape. © Denise-Breton-Gendreau / quora

  • We rented an apartment in a seedy area where different, strange stuff was happening on a regular basis. My cat always sits on the windowsill and once I noticed he started to get nervous. I came up to the window and saw how 2 men (later it was found that they were thieves) attacked an old man. I ran outside and helped the man. Since that moment I always watch my cat. I have already saved a girl, a teenager, an old lady, a mother with a kid, and my brother. © Overhear / vk

  • 17 years ago, I was in the following situation: my mom asked me to look after my younger brother who was one and a half years old, at that moment, in the backyard. Being a 6-year old kid, I pretended I was watching him. When my mom went outside to check on how we were doing, she turned pale, because her younger kid was missing. We started to panic — there was a dangerous highway not far from our home. Our dog Aza came to help us — she was strongly biting at my trousers and pulling me to the side that was opposite of the one where the highway was. I followed Aza and ran after her. When we reached the place, my brother was sitting at the side of another smaller road that was leading out of town. © Evgeniya Dolgaya / TheQuestion

  • My mom had a large and very painful abscess in her armpit. She would sleep with her arm up because she had such strong pains. Our cat, who was a kitten at that time, came to her, lied with her belly on the wound, and kept sleeping like this for almost the entire night. In the morning, the pain was gone! Our cat died more than 10 years ago, but we still remember her. © Olga Babkina / TheQuestion

  • This story is about my granny. She had a stern British cat who would always bite and scratch her. Once my granny felt bad — her blood pressure had gone up. She couldn’t reach the phone and fainted. The cat ran up to her and started to bite her hand. That’s how he got her back to consciousness so she could call the ambulance. The cat lived for 5 more years, despite the fact he was once run over by a car. © Rinata Iskanderova / TheQuestion

  • One day I invited over a guy I had started to date and even though my cat was used to strangers in the house, from tutoring I did at home, I figured something was very wrong with him. He seemed normal, but she jumped on him as soon as he sat down and bit him right away! I had never seen anything like it before. It finally dawned on me to put all the dots together and I found out that he was borderline psychotic. Once I googled it, I knew my cat had been right. Stay away. © Manuela Heinzel / quora

  • It was my ex’s dog who “broke us up.” Everything was fine until the moment she bit through the wire of my laptop. Not only did my boyfriend refuse to refund the cost of the wire, but he even refused to go Dutch to repair it. After the laptop, the dog ate my expensive earbuds that were my birthday present, and my new shoes. Every time instead of compensating me or helping me at all, my boyfriend would say, “These are YOUR things and it’s YOUR fault that you didn’t look after them properly.” I wasn’t offended by the dog — it was the fault of the owner who refused to train the animal. Finally, I left him and don’t feel any regrets about it. I thank the dog for opening my eyes. © Overhear / vk

  • I’m a type 1 diabetic and one night in bed my blood sugar dipped dangerously low, so low I was on the verge of having a seizure. I was foaming at the mouth and having trouble breathing. Our dog woke up and started licking the snot off of my face, enabling me to breathe easier. My wife woke up shortly thereafter and scrambled to get me some orange juice. Sadly, this dog passed suddenly one cold Saturday a few years back. © DarthContinent / reddit

  • When I was 2 or 3 years old, I got a severe burn, which affected 70% of my entire body. I had to learn to walk again — I could barely hobble. But I had a faithful friend — my poodle, who was always there to help me get my balance again and again. He would walk with me while standing on his rear paws as I was holding his front paw. This dog has passed away already, but I always remember him with warmth. © Overhear / vk

  • One person I knew hated dogs. He would always make strange faces when passing by them, and then later he would continue saying for the entire evening that they were silly and useless animals. This happened until the moment he almost died. A huge building collapsed, and he was one of the few survivors. At that moment, he was rescued by a dog named Dan. What does this person do now? He has his own dog and works in a center for training guide dogs. That’s how one animal, and almost dying, can drastically change a person’s life. © Overhear / vk

Has your pet ever saved you from trouble? We would be glad to hear from you in the comments!

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