15 Animals Who Make Unexpectedly Cute Babies

We all love a baby animal compilation to brighten up our day. But when it comes to the cuteness factor, it’s normally puppies and kittens that steal the show — the fluffier the better.

Today, Bright Side brings you the other side of cute with this fabulously adorable compilation of oddball animals. They definitively proves that all babies are cute — no matter how prickly/stinky/drooly they grow up to be.

Proboscis monkey

These rather large-nosed monkeys are easily identifiable for obvious (nasal) reasons. But their babies, whose facial features have not yet fully grown, are cute as a button.

White-headed vulture

A youthful glow and fluffy feathers are the main distinguishing features that set this adorable vulture chick and its parent apart.

Related to both horses and rhinoceroses, yet resembling a pig more than anything else, an adult Tapir is a peculiar thing to look at indeed. But just take a look at its beautiful, Bambi-like baby.

You would be forgiven for feeling a little squeamish at the thought of an adult capybara — the largest rodent in the world. Its offspring, however, look like the kind of cuddly critters you would want for a pet.


Life doesn’t look much fun for this old warthog. These piglets look like they’re having a ball, though — perhaps they’re singing ’When I was a young warthog...’

You wouldn’t want to tread on one of these with bare feet. You wouldn’t want to tread on their babies either, obviously. But you might want to cuddle them.

Oh, to be a baby sloth - just look at those big brown eyes!

He might not be too pretty, but who cares when this old elephant seal has such a dreamy brood of pups to watch over.

The very same wrinkles that give this British bulldog such a foreboding appearance are exactly what makes its puppies so unbelievably scrumptious.

Hyenas and cuteness are not two words generally found in the same sentence...Until now.

"Face on is not my best angle," this adorable baby hippo’s mother says, as her calf upstages her in the cutest animal photo contest.

Small, stinky, but impossibly cute.


This cute baby hamster is already stuffing his cheeks.

This little pup is too busy snoozing to learn how to be a predator just yet.


The origin of this animal’s name is Spanish, and it means “little cow.“ We’d prefer to call them ”super-cute little cows."

Preview photo credit greenpeace
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