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14 Dogs Whose Owners Thought They Raised Furious Guards but Were Wrong

There are a large number of reasons why people decide to get a dog. Many people find that dogs help them combat loneliness, while other people expect their furry friends to defend their territory or entertain their kids.

We at Bright Side have gathered photos of some of the best guard dogs ever — at least their owners think so.

From an early age, puppies are trained to scare away intruders.

This is why they get so serious when they grow up...

...and are really vicious despite their size.

Even if the warning sign is bigger than the dog, he’s not to be trifled with.

Don’t get too close, please.

And don’t forget to look down.

Every watchdog dreams of being like this hound.

This yard is so strictly watched that even a single mouse won’t slip past unobserved.

Just look how fierce this Retriever can be.

He is not afraid to fight with anyone.

Caution! This dog may lick you to death.

This guard won’t leave his post, no matter what.

However, when he is away his friend is always there to replace him.

And we honestly don’t know who is more to be afraid of.

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