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15 Adorably Pregnant Animals


Being a future mom is always beautiful, and when it's an animal that's preparing to become a parent, the "awww" effect is even greater. If you don't trust our word on that, take a look at the pictures we at Bright Side have prepared.

Whatever they say, pregnancy is pure happiness...

...filling you up from inside.

It's a happiness that is so wonderful to share with your loved ones...

...and even with perfect strangers.

Pregnancy is a time when you can eat for two...

...and when a scheduled visit to the doctor is a pleasure.

But your clothes become a bit of an issue... you feel best without any at all.

Pregnancy is a wonderful time when you can do nothing all day long without feeling guilty... breathing fresh air.

And never forget you're still sexy.

A future mom is almost glowing from the inside.

She becomes extremely cute and fragile.

In a word, pregnancy makes you beautiful...

...because kids are what make us happy!

Preview photo credit depositphotos, eastnews
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