15 golden rules for life as told by husky dogs

The free-spirited Siberian Husky is a super-charismatic dog breed. They're usually very playful, athletic, agile, and good-natured towards everyone. Those who own this lovely dog will assure you that a husky is definitely the right choice for you - if you've always wanted to have a dog that regularly escapes from your yard in search of adventure, bounces and jumps, romps and plays all day long.

But above all else, huskies are hands-down the most loyal and smart dogs you'll ever encounter. They see pulling sleds - and thus serving people - as their life's purpose. Read on to learn some unique pearls of wisdom from these truly adorable creatures.

Rule 1. Be spontaneous and always play hard to get

Rule 2. If you want to get a yummy treat, go with the Batman eye contact

Rule 3. Never hide your real emotions

Rule 4. Stay focused and alert

Rule 5. Remember: charisma is your second name

Rule 6. Huskies never panic. There's always a way out

Rule 7. Your gorgeous nose is the first thing your owner should see in the morning

Rule 8. Never ditch a friend who needs you after a long run

Rule 9. Always make yourself comfortable

Rule 10. Take your rewards

Rule 11. Never skip fun water games

Rule 12. Act like you own the place

Rule 13. Never listen to naysayers

Rule 14. Stay away from bullies

Rule 15. Dance like nobody's watching

Hello there! Aren't I just the sweetest dog you've ever seen?

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