15 handsome men with their kittens

These fluffy kittens have a magic power that can melt anyone’s heart. It’s no wonder, with owners like these!

Bright Side has chosen images of the most adorable kittens and their handsome owners. Cuteness alert!

Robert Downey Jr. and a cat

Keegan Allen and his cat Minin

Channing Tatum

A smiling Chris Hemsworth with cats

Joseph Gordon-Levitt and his kitten

Ailurophile James Franco

Ian Somerhalder and his cat Moke

Russell Brand and his cat Marissa

Cee Lo Green and his cat Purrfect

Zac Efron with a kitten

Zachary Quinto with a ginger kitten

Marilyn Manson and his lovely cat, Lily White

Snoop Dogg and his handsome Miles Davis

Tom Hiddleston

Anthony Hopkins with his kitten

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