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15 People That Weren’t Going to Have Pets, but the Animals Had a Different Idea

Not very long ago, scientists found out that pets don’t just make people’s lives longer, but also better. Of course, usually, people decide what pet they want: a cat, a dog, or something more exotic. But sometimes, it is the animals themselves that make the choice.

We at Bright Side were moved by the stories from people that talked about the pets that found owners for themselves. And it seems that neither the animals nor the people regretted this choice.


When I was 13 years old, we lived in the suburbs in a tall apartment building where we found a baby chicken. Tell me, where did this chick come from? He appeared right next to our apartment! He was screaming so much that we took him home. We asked our neighbors but nobody knew whose chick he was.

We kept him and he lived with us for a long time. He grew up to be a great-looking rooster. He was as smart as a dog. By the way, he had no problem with our dog either.


It happened in winter. We were inside of a bank and saw a puppy run into the place with the ATMs. Then, he went outside and jumped into a pile of snow. He was shivering from the cold, and people were just walking by and not even looking at him. He was looking at us very attentively and started wagging his tail. We asked loudly, “Whose good boy is this in the snow?” Once we were sure that nobody was looking for him, we took him home.

We named the dog Chester. We already had a dog, so we needed to find a new family for him. Soon, a family reached out and took our Chester. But several days later, the new owners called us and said, “Come and take your dog back.” We still don’t know what happened. But it worked out great: we were very happy the dog was back and we didn’t try to find a new family for him again: that day he was sitting in the snow, he found his new owners. © chelseaandmanchester / pets.mail


When I was a child, I was scared that I wouldn’t get married until the age of 30 and would end up with a cat. This is just a weird phobia I always had. At the age of 25, I got married and relaxed: I had a husband and I didn’t have a cat. When I was 29, I got divorced and when I was 30, my sister got me a kitten and told me I had to face my fear or I would never live a normal life. I really didn’t want to take the cat or the responsibility and I didn’t really like cats much. But I ended up taking him anyway.

It’s been 5 years since then. I don’t know how I would’ve handled that difficult period of my life if it hadn’t been for this fluffy monster. By the way, he was the one that got me my new boyfriend.



One evening, I went to the kitchen and saw someone’s eyes glowing under the table. I looked under to see which one of my 13 cats was alone and why. It turned out that it was a new cat, he was fluffy, grey, and just a very beautiful animal. But he looked like he had been lost for a long time and had been looking for a new home.

So, I ended up keeping the cat for several years, and I named him Jack-from-the-Shade because he appeared out of nowhere. And then, he just disappeared all of a sudden. And now, 22 years later, another new adult fluffy cat came to me. And he lives with me as if he’s always been with me.



As I was leaving my office, a kitten came to me and started walking around my legs. I petted him for a few minutes and then went to my car. The kitten followed me. I opened the car and he got inside and asked me to pet him. Then, he lied down in the passenger seat and fell asleep.

At the time, I wasn’t even thinking about getting a pet. But this black kitten with weird-looking eyes came to me by himself, was all nice, and fell asleep. I couldn’t just take him out of the car! I called my wife and asked her if she wanted a cat. I sent her a picture. She said, okay. Now, he is a very beautiful cat. © axegrin / pikabu



After our first cat died, we thought that we would never get another one, but our new pet found us himself. When we were out of town, this cat got into the car and hid inside. When we returned to town, I put the car in the garage, and didn’t go back until a week later. I found a hungry kitten in the car that I had to take and feed. He’s been with us for 2 years now, we named him Rex because he can bring us sticks. © asada / pikabu



We were looking for a thoroughbred Scottish Fold, but it just so happened that our cat found us himself. Once, when we were on our way home in the evening, we heard something squeaking. Several moments later, this dirty animal came out of the bushes and started crying and asking us to take him.

We decided to take him for one night, feed him, wash his eyes, and let him go. That night, he slept for 12 hours and didn’t even change his position. He was totally exhausted, poor thing. Of course, in the morning, we couldn’t even think about returning him to the street. He grew up to be our beloved, happy, and spoiled cat, Benedict. © zubok86 / pikabu



Once, my dad was walking around the park and a dachshund ran up to him. For some reason, out of all the people that were there, she was running toward him and wagging her tail. My dad thought she had gotten lost: the dog was clean and smelled like perfume. He brought her home and posted an ad about having found the dog. Nobody called.

7 days later, a woman called and said she had lost a similar-looking dog. My parents invited the woman to their place. But when she came, the dog didn’t show much of an interest and stayed near my dad. It turned out that it really was this woman’s dog, but she said that someone gave the dog to her and she didn’t really need her. My parents asked if they could keep the dog: she was the perfect pet and the owner said that she would be happy if they did.


We lived in a house and noticed that someone had started stealing cucumbers from our greenhouse. Well, it wasn’t just stealing, someone was taking bites of them and just leaving them there. We had no idea who or what it was. Then one day, I heard a sound and ran outside with a flashlight, but I didn’t see anyone. I only saw a tail. Soon, it started snowing, so I went outside, I saw the same tail and a cat. She was freezing in the snow. I petted her and she was purring like a train. She came back again the next day.

When it became really cold, we couldn’t resist and we took the cat into our home to feed her. I was making a salad with cucumbers and once she sensed them, she stole one and ate it. In the end, we kept the cat, named her Tika, and then found out she was pregnant. Now, the kittens also live with us and we have a big cat family.


Our cat Meggy appeared in our lives by accident. We heard a squeak from the vent and had to call a rescue team to rescue a completely exhausted and dehydrated creature. We thought she didn’t have a chance when we first saw her. Her eyes were full of sand and we actually thought she didn’t even have eyes. Her back paw was just hanging there — her hip was broken. This 2-month-old cat weighed only 1.3 lbs. But she desperately wanted to survive, so she did and we kept her.

Several days later, she was already climbing around the room and getting into everyone’s lap. It was hard to believe, but her fracture healed without any treatment from vets. Vitamins, good food, love, and care got the job done.

Do you believe that animals often choose their owners by themselves? Maybe you also have some moving stories to tell?