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15+ Photos Proving a Black Cat Can Bring Everything but Bad Luck

It is almost universally believed that black cats bring bad luck, so much so that sometimes these little felines are rejected by many people. However, their dark color takes nothing away from their tenderness, beauty, and charm. In fact, they are just as present in them as they are in any other cat.

Bright Side believes that any living being is worthy of a bit of love, regardless of their appearance. Therefore, we have gathered 17 photos of black cats whose strong jet black color sincerely makes you fall in love with them.

1. “I was told that most shelters were full of black cats, not because people are superstitious, but because they are generally not ’good’ when it comes to taking photos of them. Therefore they aren’t social media friendly. Matilda and I strongly disagree. Go rescue a beautiful black cat.”

2. “I thought this photo I took of my black cat shows off how amazing their eyes are.”

3. “Batgirl baby. My friend sent me this pic to encourage me to adopt a cat.”

4. “This cat has an odd pattern: a red body and a black head.”

5. “How nice it is to feel a little sunshine on my black fur!”

6. “Today I met this black cat with a pink nose.”

7. The black cat looks like the other cat’s shadow.

8. Good morning, humans!

9. “Gave Jack a bath and now he’s doing that stereotypical black cat thing.”

10. “Sometimes, I think he’s a wolf.”

11. “She can change color whenever she feels like it.”

12. “Ruler of the high seas”

13. Another small one with a very noticeable pink nose

14. “If I fits, I sits.”

15. Christmas portrait

16. “Whenever I’m sick, unable to deal with my depression, or in pain, Dumplings does not leave my side. Her purrs heal all.”

17. Classy gal

Do you have black cats? We’d like to see them! Share their best pictures in the comment section and fill this page with a sea of black kittens.

Preview photo credit Jam-cracker / Reddit