15 photos proving that cats and raccoons have more in common than we thought

Cats and raccoons won everybody’s admiration a long time ago. And it’s pretty natural, since they’re extremely cute. Smart, resourceful, charming, and sometimes completely unpredictable, they can always cheer us up.

We at Bright Side love watching both of them. And we were surprised to know that sometimes they behave in remarkably similar ways.

Everything is good. I have a couch and a TV. I wish I had something to eat. Ummm, master? Go to the store and bring me some food, ok?

Stop, stop. Give it to me. You can't take pictures.

Who said only squirrels live in tree holes?

Before throwing away old boxes, make sure there are no raccoons inside.


Woo-hoo! Let's go on a ride!

Wow, you're so tall. I can see everything. Just be careful, ok? I don't wanna fall in your pan.


Oh my! What's going on? You saw it?

What do you mean by ’Where are you climbing?’ Nowhere. What am I doing? Nothing. Just exercising. Daily workout, don’t you see? One, two...one, two...

I sleep like a star.

Here's what 30 minutes of long-awaited silence look like.

Well, I climbed here. Now show me how to climb down. Well, I guess we need to call rescuers. Maste-e-e-er! 

Yes, I'm comfortable. Yes, this way. I said I'm comfortable, ok?

- As my grandfather told me, 'When you finish eating - go to sleep.' - Wow, do we have the same grandfather?

Deadlines know no mercy.

— Found me here, really? Arrr, I’m fed up with it!
— I’m still safe — they haven’t found me yet.
— Kidding! How do you think they’re taking pics?

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