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15 Photos Showing That Nothing Is Timeless

Time is one of those things that can't be seen. But as it passes, everything changes rapidly, whether it's a person, an animal, or a thing. Everything in our world depends on time, and everyone wants to know: why does it run faster when we want it to slow down, yet when we want it to speed up, it moves so slowly?

Today Bright Side shares some photos proving that time changes everything around us.

3 years and 6,000 working hours

This giant sequoia is almost 2,700 years old.

13 years later

A 30-year-old brush

Old dirt and dust

This house was restored after 100 years.

One and the same woman over the years

Time passes really quickly.

16 years later, he bought the same car that his dad used to own.

Schwarzenegger plays chess with his friend.

"Small" changes

A washed chair from a set that a grandfather made

A stone removed from a human being

"Layers of paint on my wooden mixing spoons"

People who believe in omens always bypass this walkway.

And do you often notice changes that time makes to us or the things around us? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

Preview photo credit bobnoga/reddit, Import/reddit
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