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15 pictures showing the wonderful resourcefulness of Huskies

Husky dogs have long been our all-time favorites because of their extravagant photogenic and emotional qualities.

However, they're also extraordinarily resourceful and sharp-witted animals, and that's why we at Bright Side decided to compile a list of 15 simple rules of being a true Husky.

1. Remember: 'I want it so much' and 'I'm allowed to' are sometimes the same thing.

2. Be watchful even while asleep.

3. Look fierce when you suspect it's time to visit the vet.

4. Protect the small and weak from unexpected dangers that scare even you.

5. Don't be afraid of showing weakness.

6. Don't forget it's in your power to help your master wash the windows.

7. Take naps between household chores.

8. Closely watch cameras around you, and be irresistible even in spontaneous shots.

9. If someone wants to cheat you, make them understand you're not one to be easily fooled.

10. When you have a reason to be happy, live it up.

11. If you're having a bad day, just stay unfazed.

12. Never leave your master unattended.

13. If your plans go askew, don't let it show.

14. Act naturally in any circumstance.

15. And the most important rule: always smile!

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