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15 Reasons Why You Should Never Get a Cat

One can name hundreds of reasons why a person needs a furry friend, but not everything is as cute as it seems.

If you've never had a cat before and finally decided to get one, the staff of Bright Side entreats you to stop and reconsider yet again. Just imagine how your life will change with this meowing lodger's appearance!

In the morning, most people get woken up by an alarm clock. From now on, you'll be woken up by your cat.

Because His or Her Royal Catness always has breakfast at 4:50 a.m. and not a minute later!

Needless to say - the food tastes better off the floor than from the bowl.

And for dessert, the fluffy horror will eat your cake under the pretense of saving it from falling off the table.

Your adorable kitty cat is going to follow you relentlessly all day long, mentally criticizing everything you do.

"Privacy? Nope, we've never heard of it!"

And it's a big question whether your pets will allow you to use your bathroom at all.

This charming despot doesn't even allow his owner to use the chair.

And here the kitties have taken over the whole bed.

Believe us - if your pussycat decides to steal your husband away from you, nothing is going to stop her.

And no, cats never feel the least bit ashamed.

On the contrary, they feel proud of their actions.

They're also really good at shifting the blame to someone else!

This bushy-tailed bandit goes to sleep with a clear conscience, only to wake his owner up again at 4:50 in the morning.

Cats will literally sit on your head. But you'll still love them, won't you?

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