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16 Animals Who Didn’t Wait for a Sign From the Universe and Acted on Impulse

We often notice that our 4-legged friends are pretty cunning and clever. And when they really want something, getting what they desire isn’t a problem. Sometimes, it’s enough to make cute eyes or wag their tail, but even if their go-to method doesn’t work, these pets rarely stop trying.

We at Bright Side are sure that our fluffy friends don’t lack ingenuity or self-confidence. And the characters of today’s collection are direct proof of this.

“Say hello to my new friend. I met her on my evening jog and she won’t leave me alone.”

“Meet Tiggs. My wife adopted him as his previous owner abandoned him. And it seems like Tiggs has made himself feel quite at home on my bed.”

“We bought this bed for our little dog so she could sleep better. But our labrador claimed it for himself.”

“Your tricks don’t work, human!”

“I break treats in half and try to pass them off as whole treats.”

A life hack from a dog: “When your human comes back after a long absence, just put your paws around their hand and they will have to pet you.”

“I couldn’t find the puppy in the house or in the garden. I was already beginning to think that she had run away. But she was just cleaning out the kitchen cabinet.”

“But that’s my food!”

“Don’t want to go to the vet? Eat the car keys and your human won’t be able to drive you.”

“Dee Dee, you had a full bowl of food!”

“And he perfectly understands what he’s doing.”

The sign says: “Please, not in our garden. Thank you.”

“Don’t touch your bone while others are enjoying theirs. And when they’re done, start eating. Then they’ll look at you with envy!”

“My 7-lb chihuahua kicked my 50-lb cattle dog out of her bed.”

“Just help yourself!”

“If a person acts as if they’re about to leave, put your muzzle and one (this is important) paw on their knee. Your person will simply melt and will no longer be able to stand up. And you will cuddle forever.”

“This is Charlie, he’s 4 years old. He weighs 16 lb and he doesn’t believe in limitations.”

“Bullet, my cat of many years, went missing 3 months ago. I feared the worst. He came back this morning.”

Have you ever witnessed such impudence?

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