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16 Unusual Animals Creatively Colored by Nature

What if Dalmatians had black hearts instead of black spots? And cows were all white? Geneticists are working on these questions now, but there is still a chance that only nature can create fabulous animal colors.

Bright Side gathered some photos of unique animals that exist only in a single copy.

Hercule Poirot’s cat

When your eyes are always perfectly highlighted:

Made with love

When each day is a surprise for you:

When you decided to have your girlfriend’s portrait tattoo:

When you’re half charming and half adorable:

Fluffy Marilyn Monroe

Cinnabon the cat

When you were born with a perfect mustache:

Or with incredible eyebrows!

Nature was in a very good mood.

When everything in you is the cherry on the cake:

Zorro’s cat

This cat should be called Adolf.

When nature suddenly ran out of black paint:

When you’re marked with nature’s smile:

Share some pics of your pets with their unique features in the comments.

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