17 Before and After Photos of Homeless Dogs Who Finally Found Their Families, and It’s Incredibly Heart-Warming

According to an American organization for animal protection, HSUS (short for the Humane Society of the United States ), about 6-8 million dogs and cats end up in animal shelters annually. Less than 3 million of them get adopted, and more than 3 million get euthanized. These statistics could be more positive if people started to adopt these animals more frequently.

Bright Side has collected inspiring examples of lucky animals who found their loving families. Still, there are many others waiting for help. Don’t stay indifferent because the joy and thankfulness we see in the eyes of these animals are priceless.

This is Penny. One month ago, she weighed just 6 lb and was scared of everything.

Scarlett was supposed to be euthanized due to a severe skin disease but one kind girl took the dog home and now she’s the happiest dog in the world.

Pillow’s current owner adopted him despite the fact that he needed a serious surgery. Pillow had a cancerous mass in one of his legs. After the adoption, the owner helped his new pet overcome the disease and now Pillow is happily living in his new home with another dog named Daizy.

“Found a little armadillo pup 7 years ago. Here he is today!”

Another cutie that got a home and a warm bed

Palmer when he was in a shelter for homeless animals vs today

Ajax, an American Eskimo Dog weighed 26 lb of just skin and bones when he was found 8 months ago. On the right is Ajax today: a healthy 42-lb happy dog!

Another touching “before” and “after”

Here’s another boy named Ziggy that got a new home.

Just several months have passed but what a difference!

Beautiful Clover was supposed to be euthanized one year ago and now she goes to picnics together with her family and loves her life.

A sad face in the shelter and a happy one after getting a family

discoapplesauce / reddit

This is Butters who was once too afraid to leave his cage. In the photo on the right, he’s playing outside with his new owners.

A red-haired beauty in a shelter compared to her on her way to a new home:

Ithrowfootballs / reddit

The left picture touched the hearts of many volunteers; the right photo depicts a happy dog after some medical treatment and love.

A sad dog waiting for his owners and the same happy dog after his wish came true.

mcgaheyd / reddit

Once, a Reddit user saw this lonely dog in a shelter and decided to tell the whole world about him, hoping to find him a new home. The left photo, where the dog looks like a cartoon character, was uploaded to the internet with the words, “This little guy is waiting to be taken home by a loving family.” And, luckily, the owner adopted him soon after.

Bonus: Everyone needs home!

“This is lucky Jake. One year ago, Jake was found underneath a car, alone and half frozen. He was 4 weeks old and his mom was gone. Now he’s the biggest kitty with the most personality that I’ve ever seen!”

Have you ever adopted animals from shelters? Please tell us about your experience in the comments!

Preview photo credit Gniwa / reddit
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