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17 Pics That Prove Life Is Not the Same When There’s a Black Cat in the House

Black cats often fall prey to superstitions, as many people believe that they bring bad luck. This may also be the reason why some people refuse to adopt black cats from shelters. But in fact, black cats are super cute and look gorgeous, and people who happen to have them know this all too well.

Here at Bright Side we believe that every living being deserves love, no matter what color they are, and if you need any proof that black cats are the coolest, here you go!

1. “My black cat looks like my white cat’s shadow.”

2. “As I look into the abyss, the abyss looks into me.”

3. He looks like the devil in the flesh, but this is just a black kitty enjoying the warmth of a ground light.

4. “When you perfectly blend in with your surroundings:”

5. Black cats don’t need to dress up for Halloween: a pair of black wings will do the job.

6. “Gave Jack a bath and now he’s doing that stereotypical black cat thing.”

7. A pot full of black cats, and you don’t need any Halloween decorations.

8. Black cats are only called “black.” In reality, they can be any color from reddish...

9. blueish.

10. How many pillows can you count?

11. This garbage can is empty. Oh wait...

12. When winter comes as a surprise:

13. “My twin black cats who like to sleep mirrored”

14. “A black cat with a Superman complex”

15. “My fat black cats were both dedicated to getting into this box. After a night of running head first into it, we finally got a winner!”

16. “I thought that this photo I took of my black cat shows off how amazing their eyes are.”

17. “My cat is so black my camera can’t properly meter him.”

Do you believe in the superstition that black cats are unlucky? Do you have a cat? Show us a picture of your furry friend in the comments!

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