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17 Reasons to Believe Cats Are All-Around Great Guys

17 Reasons to Believe Cats Are All-Around Great Guys

Aside from being utterly charming and unfailingly perfect in every way, cats also possess many valuable skills. And we at Bright Side managed to uncover at least 15 of them. Take a look and see what we found!

They can always pretend to be a bunny when the situation demands it.

They dance like there’s nobody watching

They take care of their friends

They will find that cute wallet you lost a year ago, ma’am!

They mastered the art of seizing the day

...and have no idea who ate all the whipped cream

They can always make you smile

They secretly write poetry

And can blend in with their surroundings

’Puss in Boots’ was actually a documentary

They are watching you. Constantly.

Who said cats and dogs can’t be buddies?

They don’t care who you are as long as you’re comfortable to sleep on

Cats will make sure your kid makes it to the kindergarten

And will take care of your flowers while you’re busy

And last but not least, they try to be nice, okay?

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