18 Purrfect Cats Who Deserve the Title “Kitten of the Year”

Sometimes it seems to us that cats are creatures from a completely different planet. For example, their constant desire to crawl into any box they can find makes scientists think that cats might actually be a liquid and not a solid. So it's no wonder that our purry friends never stop amazing us with their looks and actions. And that is why we love them so much.

Bright Side wants you to have a look at 18 cats that are just purrfect and choose the best one among them.

18. "I'm not fat, they said.... It's just fluff, they said."

17. "My cat always does this for no reason."

16. The bigger and fluffier, the better.

15. "The more my cat ages, the funnier he looks."

14. "My cats are all hunting a moth."

13. The stages of cat panic

12. "My cat keeps sitting like this and it makes me so uncomfortable."

11. "This cat likes watching me from behind the fence."

10. "This is how my cat sleeps every night."

9. Charging... Fully charged.

8. This is what cat engagement photos would look like.

7. "My cat is always poised for a royal photo, but tonight, I finally caught him off guard."

6. "This is how I was greeted by my cat when I got home last night."

5. When your human takes you for a drive for the first time:

4. "Every time I say my cat’s name, she looks at me like I just told her that her husband died at sea."

3. Feeling guilty? Nah!

2. "This is my cat when he thinks there's no one home."

1. "Everyone who sees my cat Worf just falls in love with him."

Which cat deserves the title "Kitten of the Year" in your opinion? Or maybe you have your own candidates? If so, please share their photos in the comments!

Preview photo credit juliaolimpian / instagram
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