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19 Kitties That Can Go Wild With or Without Catnip


It's a well-known fact that many cats like catnip - an herb that contains nepetalactone. Nepetalactone is a chemical that triggers our pets to feel "high" and to do some crazy things. But not all cats are affected by it - some don't need any help from the herb since their craziness is already at a level 10.

Bright Side collected a set of photos where cats' insanity is shown at its best. Get ready to laugh your head off!

Catnip junky:

Fluffy catnip lover

"Why didn't you knock before you entered the restroom?"

Best friends have the same habits.

"Get down, climber!"

"Look what I bought at the shop."

Almost there!

A catnip monster

"And I'm feeling good!"

They will find catnip even if you hide it.

Potted catnip works too.

"Leave me be, I'm thinking about the meaning of life."

"I think I was a bat in my previous life."

The cat in the background looks happy.

Curiosity and the cat

Some dogs bring slippers, some cats bring teabags.


Did you know that cats can levitate?

"Got it! That's my cookie!"

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