19 Photos Where Animals Act Like Total Jerks

Isn’t it true that everyone loves animals? These adorable creatures have melted so many human hearts. However, they aren’t always like that. Even our furred and feathered friends can have a bad day.

Bright Side has made a collection of 19 animals who were clearly in bad spirits at the moment they were captured in a photograph.

19. When a cat commandeered your sleeping place and you weren't dogged enough to resist.

18. "Dominate and humiliate. Tweet, tweet!"

17. It was the year 2017. The compatibility of cats and houseplants was still at 0%.

16. "Be quiet. You did say you wanted to swim."

15. So near and yet so far away.

14. She’s more than just shocked.

13. "I’m sorry, were you going to drink this?"

12. This is Sparta!

11. "My precious!"

10. A professional dog-sitter.

9. "I’m sorry, but only one of us can stay in this house."

8. "Today I’m taking your laptop, tomorrow – your life."

7. "Order is born out of chaos. You know that, don’t you?"

6. "It’s good you came. The room needs cleaning."

5. "And no quacking, dog!"

4. "It’s called abstract art, you goose!"

3. "Hello. I want to play a game..."

2. An angry goose is scarier than the apocalypse.

1. "Who’s the burger now?"

Preview photo credit tfoust10/imgur
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