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20 adorable animals who look just like us

Have you ever noticed that our furry little friends look exactly like humans? Just like us, they build relationships, have fun, relax and get offended easily. 

We here at Bright Side have actually noticed that the resemblance is uncanny! You, too, should have a look.

This is me after I gain a couple pounds during winter.

Me always being there for you whenever you need me.

Me trying to look cool in my ridiculously expensive and new, stylish clothes.

Me trying to ignore you when you're giving me a lecture.

Me looking forward to my bright future.

Me laughing when you say I could lose a few pounds.

Me when I know that you love me so much I can act like I don't care.

Me thinking to myself 'What am doing with my life?'

Me when I want everyone to leave me alone.

Me watching my favorite TV series.

Me protesting against making difficult decisions.

Me not talking to you right now.

Me showing you my principles.

Me trying to finish my paper.

Me realizing that I'm in trouble.

Me trying to calm you down — 'Dude, she's made her choice.'

Me feeling lonely and blue.

Me being fine with my ego.

Me in my oh-so-comfy bed on Sundays.

Me never letting you go.

Photo credit: eto ya 

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