20 Amazing Cats That Crashed the System

Cats are more than funny creatures that everyone admires. A cat is a rebellious personality. They challenge the system and always have their own agenda.

Bright Side collected 20 photos of hard-nosed, shameless, and absolutely cool cats that simply break the mold.

20. Technically, this cat never walked on the table.

19. There is something wrong with this cat: he loves water. He can swim, sit, walk, and sleep in the bathtub...full of water.

18. - You have no heart!

- My cat has 2 instead.

17. The supreme ruler of cats tore the stretch ceiling apart.

16. Cat yoga. Advanced level.

15. I would rather have a glass of 10-year-old furry wine, please.

14. I decided to take a ride for food. Who knows when this 2-legged will get up off the sofa again...

13. Eating flowers is something from the previous century. Modern cats have replaced flowers.

12. In order to understand a plastic bag, think like a plastic bag. Actually, become a plastic bag!

11. When your cat howled for the whole night and eventually summoned a demon.

10. The cat who has another cat on its back. And the "back cat" is fatter than the owner.

9. And this 4-legged friend introduces a new level of laziness.

8. These 2 cats try to dissuade the pigeon from committing suicide.

7. The box driver.

6. This cat overshadows all Asian beauties with its charm.

5. Use your man's new boots to avoid wetting your paws.

4. This one is never going to be a good hunter.

3. The choice is obvious.

2. "Actually, this dog is mine."

1. Sometimes I think my cat is just a small man in disguise.

Bonus 1: A normal day for a master and his slave.

Bonus 2: The first ever photo of the snake-cat.

Preview photo credit tumblr.com
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