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20 Animals That Are So Outrageously Unfortunate We Couldn’t Help Laughing

We all know that animals can be curious, adventurous, playful, and brave. And that unlimited curiosity and unfortunate decisions sometimes get them into all sorts of trouble.

We at Bright Side love all animals, and we want to share with you some photos that will give you a good giggle. Scroll down and have a bit of laugh.

1. Cats can be perfectly packed.

2. I think I miscalculated something.

3. Showing so much effort and skill, this guy deserves to live in my house.

4. Not sure what I did wrong, but... Get me out, please.

5. Re-enactment of The Lion King

6. I've made a terrible mistake.

7. Oopsy daisy

8. Um... A little help!?

9. Ah, that 5th piece of bacon went right to my hips.

10. Don't ask. But yes, I could use some help.

11. It was fun for a while.

12. I still can eat, so I'm all right.

13. I decided to be a ninja cat and kinda got stuck...

14. I said take a picture of me, not frame me.

15. Snakehound, a new designer breed

16. Apparently, bees are not food.

17. When assembling your dog kit, make sure you follow the instructions.

18. It was handy 'til the bucket got empty.

19. I will pretend for a while that I am just resting.

20. Mommy, can you come up here and get me out now?

Do you have pictures of animals that would fit in with this collection? Share them with us in the comments.

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