20+ Animals Who Can’t Figure Out What and Why Humans Are

Every year new devices are released that promise to translate what your cat or dog says and, therefore, help you understand your pet better. However, scientists should think the other way around as well. Pets also have a lot of questions for humans, and they would really love to understand what is inside our heads.

Bright Side admires pets for their sincere reactions, and we put together 27 photos where cats and dogs are trying to figure out what humans are and how to live with them in the same space.

27. “Friend was snoring. Puppy was trying to find the noise.”

26. “My dog hates winter, and I can’t explain to her that it’s not within my powers to switch off winter outside.”

25. “This cutie is more interested in watching me than the game.”

24. “At which angle should I look at humans to see them normally?”

23. “Sometimes I think that my dogs don’t take my words seriously.”

22. “When I invite my cat to watch Netflix with me...”

21. “This husky appeared when I was in a public toilet. He looked at me for a few seconds and then ran away.”

20. “I found my cat hiding in my pillowcase. He seemed more shocked than me.”

19. “I still can’t get used to these things. They give me a heart attack.”

18. This cat can’t understand why everyone takes him for a soft toy.

17. “Why are humans obsessed with these yellow scentless sausages?”

16. Cats will never understand why they need to wash.

15. “Why do humans become so happy when they see me? Maybe I’m a lucky talisman?”

14. “Why is there so much food on the table that I can’t eat?”

13. “Why should I be persistent to make you play with me?”

12. “Oh, let’s play tag! I know you love these papers, so you chase me!”

11. “Human cubs are very weird but cute at the same time.”

10. “Here’s my dog’s reaction when I tease him!”

9. “The lawn mower is the most terrible human invention.”

8. “I captured the stages of my dog’s reaction when she slowly realized that I didn’t have any treats.”

7. “The reaction of my dogs when my children start singing!”

6. “My cat’s reaction to her new diet food.”

5. “I can’t understand why humans always try to steal my toys. Get some of your own!”

4. “I’m usually taller.”

3. “They brought something horrible to our home!”

2. “Though humans don’t like our presents either.”

1. “Humans are very much mistaken when they think that we are predictable.”

Which of your actions make your pets confused? Tell us in the comments below.

Preview photo credit ckabella/reddit
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