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18 Animals Who’ve Made Big Mistakes and Now Regret Them Bitterly

Animals are a lot like us. They rejoice, love, get offended, and even make mistakes. And some of them have especially succeeded in the latter. But as they say, it’s best to learn from our own mistakes and the fluffies from our selection fully understand the meaning of these words.

Bright Side continues to be surprised by how funny and unpredictable animals can be. Especially when they’ve realized that they’ve gone the wrong way.

1. “Not impressed!”

2. “I’ve made a huge mistake.”

3. “He’d been trying to get on top of the door for weeks! He has finally achieved his goal... ish.”

4. "I've done nothing wrong, I was just playing."

5. "Mom, I didn't hear you come in."

6. "Nope, haven't seen him all day."

7. "Hopper vs Chair"

8. "This stinker managed to get her paws on a croissant and then promptly stuck it in my slipper."

9. "There was going to be some leftover birthday pizza until Ellie intervened."

10. "Why would you hang a fabric octopus in front of the doors if I'm not supposed to play with it?"

11. "Cliff deeply regrets destroying his birthday present in under 15 mins... Happy Birthday, Cliff!"

12. "I can never get a nice picture of them all together."

13. "I wonder if my cat realizes he’s about fall to his demise."

14. "Mom... help!! I don’t know how to climb down now."

15. "My cat knocked over my cereal box because SHE’S on a diet and not me... jerk."

16. "My dog was very distressed about this."

17. "This good boy is also guilty boy."

18. "Mistakes were made."

Has your pet ever made any hilarious "mistakes?" Did you manage to capture this moment in a photo? Share your stories with others in the comments.

Preview photo credit thinkadinky / reddit