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20+ Cats That Are So Beautiful, They Could Melt Any Heart


Everybody knows that cats are incredibly important for our health. In fact, having a cat can lower your risk of getting a heart attack and can improve the quality of your sleep. When looking at them, you develop a wide range of warm emotions and surprisingly, they do too! Believe us, if they blink, they love you. So why not look at more cats to improve your day a little?

We at Bright Side have collected 23 photos of the most charming and magnificent cats the Internet has to offer.

1. Look at this blue-eyed cutie, Coby, a British Shorthair boy.

2. There is a literal galaxy in its eyes.

3. What’s better than 1 cat? 3 of them!

4. So much fluff, we’re melting away.

5. This is Pudge, and he’s so adorable we can’t breathe.

6. Hamilton’s mustache could melt anybody’s heart.

7. This is Busya and she’s a posh lady from Russia.

8. These twins look like they can predict the future.

9. Muta, the Scotishfold, looks right into your soul.

10. And Sky is probably a literal cloud with his white fur and blue eyes.

11. This kitty is a cute little demon nobody would feel bad about selling their soul to.

12. This snow white lord looks at everybody with slight displeasure.

13. And this is Thor, an exotic Bengal boy.

14. Snoopy is a forever-child with her shy smile.

15. These Persian babies are probably impossible to see in the snow.

16. And around 3 kids could hide in Moggsy's tail.

17. Smoothie is probably the most photogenic cat in the world.

18. And this blue-eyed Romanian girl serves looks everywhere she goes.

19. This is not a boy, this is a full grown man!

20. Aurora probably has the same hairstylist as Beyoncé.

21. And Mademoiselle lives her best life in France.

22. Venus must be the most unusual looking cat out there.

23. And Hosico's eyes can make you do whatever he desires you to.

If you have any other wonderful cats to share, please do so in the comments below.