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20 Comical Photos That Prove Some Animals Are Really Big Jerks

Cats who love to sit like humans, and a kangaroo who can use an iPhone, prove that some animals don't give a hoot about manners and how to act politely with people. They do whatever they want and they don't care what we think about it.

Bright Side gathered several photos of these mischievous, fluffy rule breakers, that the world has never seen.

"This is how my friend found the cat in the bathroom."

"I sleep wherever I want."

"It's just a kangaroo watching Netflix on my iPhone."

"Yes, I'm comfortable. Yes, I'm sure."

What do you mean a cat can't sit like this?

This turtle is a real rebel.

"How do you like me now, Elon Musk?"

The rule doesn't apply to this cute museum cat.

"Since there are no mice, let me at least help you with this."

"I was trying to toilet-train my cat. Don't think she gets it."

Peach wants to know who made this silly sign.

When you realized you made a big mistake:

"This is Robert. He does this every time he realizes his walk is over."

"Locked my cat in the bathroom because he was annoying. This is his revenge."

"Her name is Umi and I like to call her Kangarumi."

"My cat might be broken - he drinks his water by laying under the TV stand and dipping his paw in the bowl."

"My wife was driving to her grandma's house. This cat didn't even care."

"Pet me, human!"

"The dog did it. We've been framed!"

Mischief managed.

Share photos of your pets with us in the comments and maybe they'll appear in our next article!

Preview photo credit crazydarklord/Reddit, Jiryn/imgur
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