20 Cute Animal Photos That Are Exactly What You Need Right Now

Studies have shown that when we see something or someone we find cute, it stimulates the area in our mid-brains associated with motivation and reward, causing a surge of dopamine. Over the course of evolution, the human brain has developed certain “cuteness” criteria: big eyes, fluffy paws, and chubby cheeks, just to name a few. All the animals in our compilation do possess the features of cuteness that can melt anyone’s heart.

Here at Bright Side we got our dose of the “happy hormone” while looking at these pics. Now it’s your turn!

1. A paw with a cute paw-shaped mark

2. Cuteness overload!

3. Quokkas know how to take perfect selfies!

4. Aww... This little rabbit is adorable!

5. Just look at these fluffy cuties!

6. Oh my! Those legs!

7. Some animals rock their hairstyles!

8. If you want to stupefy your dog for a moment, you know what to do!

9. Have a look at cuteness from a different angle.

10. What a charming smile!

11. A kangaroo enjoying the sun

12. C’mon, buddy! Let’s play!

13. The ’brows’ make this little kitten look so charming!

14. Can I have some treats, please?

15. Oink-oink!

16. There are days when you just can’t get enough coffee...

17. This is what it means to be in perfect shape!

18. “This little cutie came in with his brother a week ago, both of them cold, emaciated, and weak. Now they’re both thriving! ”

19. If you are having a bad day, just look at this photo!

20. A baby raccoon after a bath. Isn’t it cute?

Which of these cuties charmed you the most? Do you have your own pictures of cute animals? Feel free to share your impressions and shots in the comments!

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