20 Fantabulous Times Nature Made the Whole World Smile

Looking at sweet pictures improves our mood but it also improves our productivity, according to this research. And we don’t think there’s anything sweeter than photos of animals! Whether they’re adorable little babies or already grown up, they always make us smile!

Bright Side hopes that these 20 photographs will put a huge smile on your face and make your day a little bit better!

1. Is that a dog, a bear, or a wolf? Or all 3?

2. Can’t decide between a ferret and a cat? We present to you, the stoat!

3. Not sure if this guinea pig is pregnant or if she’s just a ball of love and sweetness...

4. This cheeky marmoset is gloating because he’s comfy and warm.

5. Puppy pancakes, anyone?

6. This is how a pregnant bat looks.

7. Animals really do love sticking their tongues out, don’t they?

8. Is it a tiny monkey or a giant finger? We need a banana for scale.

9. Goats don’t believe in gravity!

10. Don’t worry, little hamster — the good doctors will take care of you.

11. The African Antkole-Watusi Bull lifts weights 24/7.

12. Just a tiny lizard getting a tan

13. A baby porcupine with a rockstar mohawk

14. Hummingbirds are a lot smaller than we expected...

15. An Angora rabbit and its fluffy ears

16. This baby opossum doesn’t want to let go.

17. We don’t remember seeing any axolotls in SpongeBob, but we can get behind it!

18. “Weeeeee!”

19. Ever wake up and find a sleeping wombat in your sock drawer?

20. He hopes to be one of the dragons on Game of Thrones one day.

Did we succeed at making you smile? Please let us know and tell us which of these photographs was your favorite!

Preview photo credit fm1185 / reddit
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