20 Funny Pics of Cats and Dogs Living Together

The more pets you have, the happier you become because it’s so interesting to watch them getting along.

Today Bright Side wants you to have a look at some pets that try their best to live in peace.

Before and after this dog understood that their owner came into the room.

Someone seems a bit jealous.

"Our dog has its own pet."

"We bought a puppy. Our cat isn’t really excited."

"And that’s how we understood that our dog didn’t like our cat."

"Is this disgusting creature going to live in our house?!"

A recovery collar seemed to be a good idea at the vet...but not at home...

"OK, OK. I’ll let you keep this puppy."

Sometimes love is importunate.

When you are too polite to ask someone to leave your bed:

"I wish someone looked at me like my cat looks at my dog."

This cat is probably a bit distressed because of a new neighbor.

True love is when you don’t want to let them go.

We got a dog. Not everyone likes him.

"Our cat terrorizes our dog."

This cat occupied our dog’s bed. His face is everything.

"This rug is nice," the cat thought.

"Our cats are confused because of a new family member."

He’s surrounded but still fighting.

When you try to reconquer your personal bed:

And finally, a cat that worries about its sick friend.

Preview photo credit kansa2/reddit
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