20 Hilarious Pictures Showing What Cats Are All About

Sometimes you are just having a bad day, there's all kinds of terrible stuff in the news, and work is not going great either. When suddenly...WHOOSH! You come across a funny kitty picture, and your mood instantly improves.

Bright Side has collected 20 gorgeous cat pictures that were made to conquer the internet.

If there is no way to hide your crime, you can at least try to pretend it was an accident.

When your human leaves for the whole day and you just stay there alone, not fed, not kissed, not loved.

His Catesty demands to have breakfast at 5:23 and not a minute later.

My cat always checks what I bring home from the grocery store. Here's the moment when she smelled the roast beef.

Warmth is happiness.

A second before...

My №1 reason for being late is my overly touchy cat.

A fierce predator waiting for its prey to let down its guard.

I am evil. I am rage. Fear me, humans!

This is the perfect place to spend an evening thinking of the eternal.

Comfort is a cat's middle name.

Told my cat it was his turn to go to work today.

They love us no matter what.

He played with threads. And lost.

Getting ready for the winter together!

They don't want to get out of a warm bed either.

Or a rustling plastic bag.

When you've had a hearty meal and try to lie down...

Cat-class stealth!

When you wake up on Monday and just sit on your bed.

In fact, cats are the center of the universe.

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