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20 Hysterical Times Cows Thought They Were Dogs. Now Imagine Their Owners’ Lives

If you think you know a lot about cows, think again. There are plenty of fun facts about these farmyard animals. They have nearly 360-degree panoramic vision, they become pregnant for 9 months at a time just like people do, and they spend 8 hours a day eating, 8 hours chewing cud, and another 8 hours sleeping. But most importantly, studies have shown that they “are social animals who have shown emotional intelligence” just like our favorite furry friends who we let into our homes on a daily basis.

Here at Bright Side we’ve come to realize just how similar cows and dogs are — it’s hard not to see it. But beware: these cows who act like man’s best friend are sure to make you want to go out and get one pronto!

1. “For those who don’t know what cows look like sitting down”

2. “Cow cuddles really lighten my mOOOOd.”

3. “What? It’s warmer in here. Deal with it.”

4. Spot the difference between the black and white dog and the brown and black dog.

5. Cows love giving you kisses.

6. “You expect me to sleep on the grass? Ha! Think again.”

7. “I want to go to the park...NOW!”

8. Tummy tickles aren’t enjoyed exclusively by one species.

9. “Dinner time is TV time, Simon.”

10. “Happy cows returning to the pasture after the winter”

11. “Um, yeah? This is clearly my brother. I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

12. “A boy and his cow napping at The Goshen Fair”

13. “Ball! Ball! BALL! Let’s play fetch!”

14. “This is my new puppy!’s a cow?!”

15. “You’re small, but you’re still my brother.”

16. Cows might be huge, but they’re still man’s best friend.

17. “Must protect! Let’s get this thing!”

18. “Ah...yes. The absolute perfect place to nap!”

19. Is that a small cow or are those big dogs?

20. “My cow thinks he’s a dog...we left the door open for 5 minutes.”

Which canine disguised as a cow lifted your “mooood”? Let us know and don’t forget to show us your own pictures of your lovable pets.